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KAMAKURA: Ōfuna Burosso 大船ブロッソ 0467-50-0525

Address:  神奈川県鎌倉大船1-20-14三友ビル1F.   Located about a five-minute walk from Ōfuna JR Station.
Map:  Scroll down below.
Open:  Lunch: 11:30 – 2:30 Dinner:  6:00 – 10:30
On a recent trip to Kamakura my wife and I were at a conundrum on where to dine for the evening.  I Googled 「鎌倉食事」and narrowed down our choices to what was in the vicinity of our hotel.  Burosso looked interesting so we called and made a reservation.
Though the restaurant appeared easy to find on Google Maps, we walked up and down nearby streets and couldn’t find it.  We called Burosso again and were instructed to walk down a small side street where the kind waitress came out of the restaurant to look for us.
I have a theory that inconspicuous restaurants are very often hidden gems.  Well, Burosso took the hidden part to a whole new level.  I advise you to look closely to the map on the Access page of Burosso’s website for the most accurate directions, as Google maps had us on the wrong street, but less than twenty meters from the place.
Ordering turned into a huge ordeal for me as I was quite overwhelmed by all the tantalizing selections available.  The menu board listed twelve varieties of pastas, fourteen different pizzas, eighteen appetizers, along with a slew of meats, gratins, risottos, and salads to chose from.  Burosso’s Menu page on their website is currently under construction, and I can see why due to the wide assortment of entrées they serve.
We started off with a green salad (600 yen) that came with Romaine lettuce, red cabbage, big chunks of tomato, and as a pleasant surprise, thick avocado slices, all topped with parmesan cheese and an excellent tangy Italian dressing.  


I ordered the grilled pork roast (1400 yen), while my wife decided upon a margherita pizza (1100 yen).
The grilled pork was thick, tender, and basted in a savory gravy sauce, alongside a risotto-like rice serving with cheese flavoring.  Due to my pickiness, I really don’t care for cheese but I found this to be palatable.  My wife helped herself to a couple of generous spoonfuls of my rice and loved the cheese flavor!


The homemade Margherita pizza’s crust, which was made with whole-wheat flour, was very crispy, and this tactile feeling with the crackling sounds made it even more delectable.  Again, my wife raved about the rich mozzarella cheese flavor.  We sprinkled a little olive oil with togarashi chili pepper that was in a bottle that was brought to us, and this proved to be a stunning supplement to the pizza.  


My wife appreciated that they offered her two wines to choose from when she asked for a glass of house red wine.  She chose the Italian wine over the Australian and praised its flavor.  
If Burosso was located in Sendai, I’m sure it would make my Favorites list quite easily.  It’s unfortunate that I probably won’t be in Ōfuna again, but I feel fortunate that I feasted on their fine food!

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