Sunday, January 15, 2012

Update: Saint Marc Bakery / Restaurant サンマルク 022-307-4309

Also look at the following website for coupons/map/info:

If you haven't read about Saint Marc's before, please read my previous post at: Saint Marc.

My wife and I revisited Saint Marc's yet again for another appetizing outing.  "Yet again" because, in all honesty, this was the second time this week that we've eaten there.  It's that good!

Today we used the ランチの女王 with パスタ campaign postcard that we received from St. Marc's because we are on their mailing list (this same campaign meal can be found at the above "gnavi" coupon website!). 
This bargain 1290 円 meal included a green salad (consisting mainly of mizuna), a small bowl of pasta (meat sauce or duck with tomato sauce), a main entrée, rice or bread, drink, and dessert.

Green (mizuna) Salad

Here are the choices available for the entrée:  
grilled chicken with honey mustard sauce (what I ordered), minced katsu, chicken katsu, hamburger steak, white fish w/eggplant, white fish w/vegetables, beef stroganoff, beef stew, or scallop & salmon combo.

Grilled Chicken with Honey Mustard Sauce

The meat sauce pasta that I ate was good but not extraordinary, while the honey mustard chicken (with potatoes, string beans, and red bell pepper) was quite flavorful! 

Meat Sauce Pasta

Today, my wife ordered the white fish with vegetables and was quite satisfied with it, but she did say that she preferred the white fish with spinach that she had ordered just six days before.

White Fish with Vegetables

The bread rolls I devoured today were the following:
yomogi, sesame seed croissant, hotel pan (a regular dinner roll), garlic roll, spicy pepper stick (very good!), walnut roll, sesame seed roll, chocolate, chocolate croissant.
I passed on the following offerings:
milk roll, cheese croissant, cheese roll, and onion roll.

ゴマ Roll, Chocolate Roll, and Chocolate Croissant

For dessert, I opted for the mouthwatering chocolate mousse (which was 100 円 extra).  Once more, the coffee was grand and added a great finishing touch to tantalizing meal!

Chocolate Mousse

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Alex said...

Hello! My girlfriend and I went here to eat today and it was amazing! However, there are notices in the restaurant saying they will be closing down later this month (around August 20th or so? I can't remember the exact date). Thought you would like to know, in case you wanted to visit one more time :D.

Picky in Sendai said...

Thanks, Alex for letting me know.
I'm shocked!
I definitely go one last time before they close.
What a shame!