Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Happy Melon Pan Truck

Location:  In front of Daiei Department Store on Chuo-dori.

Map:  Click on the "Location" link at the bottom.

Open:  This Friday thru Sunday,  December 9th thru the 11th!

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Straight out-of-the-oven melon pan!!! Orgasmic!  Well, pretty close.  I have a certain 懐かしい feeling towards melon pan, as it is almost exactly the same as pan de huevo, a type of Mexican sweet bread that I grew up. 

Unfortunately, the Happy Happy Melon Pan Truck only comes once every two or three months.  I check the Happy-Happy website quite often and when I see that they’ll be in town, I’ll make excuses for having to go downtown just so that I can swing by and pickup a few hot melon pans.   However, they tend to lose a bit of scrumptiousness once you get them home.  Re-heating them in a microwave yields terrible results.   But I found that three minutes in a toaster oven usually does the trick.  Just be careful as any longer may burn the top part of the bread.

I’ve posted a picture of pan de huevo from a Mexican panderia in Southern California, because I don’t have any photos from Happy Happy.  I won’t be able to make it downtown until Saturday, but I’ll post a photo of the real melon pan afterwards.  If there’s any pan left.

The Mexican Melon Pan:  Pan de Huevo

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