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Brunenheim German Restaurant ブルネンハイム 022-223-6776



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Address:  宮城県仙台市青葉区国分町3-1-1 第一生命黒ビルB1.   Located on Jozen-ji Dori across from the new Sukiya gyudon restaurant.  Follow Ichibancho towards Jozen-ji Dori.  Cross the street going towards City Hall.  Look for a staircase that leads down to a basement, on the same side as the Kotodai-koen subway station entrance.  It’s right next to some housing company (Sekusi House or Daiwa House, I forgot).

Map:  Scroll down to the bottom.

Open USUALLY from 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm everyday, but since the owner is also the chef, sometimes the place is closed for no apparent reason.

Cover charge:   600 /person.

Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s difficult to find authentic ethnic food in Japan.  Brunenheim’s dishes definitely slant towards the German palate, but I never ate food like this when I lived in West Berlin.  That being said, this food tastes GREAT!!! 

A shot of apple wine and a small appetizer of shrimp and tomato in a tasty dressing are brought to your table immediately upon being seated. 

Because I’m a picky eater I usually order the same side dishes every time I dine here.  I start off with the Brunenheim salad (ブルネン風サラダ ) which is a green salad with slices of red and yellow bell peppers sprinkled with a tangy Chinese salad dressing.

Brunenheim Salad

Next is the always-pleasing garlic toast with caraway seeds!  But my favorite are the German potatoes ( ジャーマンポテト ) which are baked and lined with bacon bits.  These are so sensational that I’ll sometimes order a second helping!
For the main course I’ve tried a few of the different chicken dishes, like the chicken with mustard sauce (チキングリルのマスタードソース).  But for some reason they put mayonnaise on it, which I really didn’t care for (because I’m a picky eater).    Recently I went with the chicken in wine sauce (チキンのワイン煮込み) and was very pleased with this selection.  The wine sauce had a tartness to it that I quite enjoyed, plus the portions were rather sizable.

Years ago, they did serve a delicious wienerschnitzel.  But since the limitations on imports of American beef were imposed, this dish is no longer available.  I’m hoping that with the current troubles concerning the safety of Japan’s domestic beef that veal will once again be allowed to be imported.

Also, they serve glüwein: hot spiced red wine.   This is just like West Berlin and my wife loves it!  I highly recommend it.

This restaurant is just a little pricier than others on this list.  A typical dinner for two is roughly 6000 ,and that’s not a course meal.   But I definitely think you’ll enjoy this restaurant!  Auf wiedersehen!

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