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amo la Pizza 022-395-5317

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Address:  宮城県仙台市太白区鹿野2-14-14、グローリアス鹿野102.   Located about a four-minute walk from The Mall Part 2, next to the giant Paradiso Pachinko Parlor in Nagamachi-minami.

Map:  Scroll down to the bottom.
Open:  Lunch: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm.                 Dinner:  5:30 pm – 9:30 pm. 
                Closed Mondays.
Amo La Pizza is still celebrating its grand opening after its initial start earlier this month.   It advertises itself as a Neapolitan style pizzeria, and after reading some info on the owner he states that he lived for four months in Naples studying the art of pizza making.
They offer three different lunch sets that come with a pizza (margherita, vegetable, or four cheese), salad, soup, and drink, and range in price from 900 yen to 1100 yen.  I went with the “A” set margherita, while my wife went with the “B” set vegetable.
First, we were served the mizuna salad with homemade miso dressing.  This was quite nice and refreshing!  Next came the spinach and bacon cream soup.  My wife liked this saying that it was light with a smooth taste, but being Mr. Picky Eater, I don’t really care for cooked spinach or cream-type soups.  I didn’t finish my soup much to the delight of my wife who gladly devoured the remaining portion.

Mizuna Salad w/Homemade Miso Dressing

Spinach and Bacon Cream Soup

My wife’s veggie pizza consisted of broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, carrot, and radish.  She raved about the vegetable mixture and especially about the homemade pizza crust!  She also stated that it was quite filling.


My margherita pizza was good, filling, thin but not crispy.   I think I’ve grown accustomed to Pizza Hut pizza and that it has tainted my taste buds, so that the crust of Amo La Pizza definitely tasted different, good, but different.


My wife also loved the coffee, and though I thought it was good, it could have been a little stronger.
We passed on the orange tart dessert for an additional 200 yen, but the table next to us ordered it and it looked pretty tempting.
We had a peak at the dinner menu which showcased twelve different pizzas with four different pizza sauces (cheese, basil, cream, and traditional tomato), along with extra side dishes and desserts.
The service was excellent and it was interesting to watch the pizza chef make our pizzas behind a glass partition.  There are four parking spaces available.  They also offer take-out pizza, and when you compare this homemade pizza to that of Pizza Hut, amo la Pizza seems to be the better deal (and better tasting).
I think amo la Pizza makes an excellent choice for lunch and I’m looking forward to sampling from their dinner menu.

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