Friday, June 29, 2012

Teddy’s Diner テディーズ ダイナー 022-223-9333

On my last visit sometime ago, the owner had told me that he was thinking of moving to a new location near the kencho, but I have not tried looking for it recently.
If you know any information, please let me know.
Until then, you can still read this post to see what you missed out on.
Oh, well.

Address:  宮城県仙台市青葉区一番町 4-3-3 KIビル2F.   On Hirose-dori across the street from Baskin-Robbins 31 Ice Cream.  Look for their emblem which is the Grateful Dead Teddy Bear sign.  

Map:  Scroll down to the bottom.
Open from 5 pm – ?:00 am.
Today my wife and I visited an old favorite.  We haven't been here in quite a few months and we desperately missed these burgers.   Unfortunately, Teddy’s is no longer open for lunch, which is when we most frequented this diner.   But today we hung around downtown just long enough for some first-rate grub.   

Although my wife used to always order the hot dog, we both went with the standard Teddy’s Burger (750 yen) with a side order of onion rings (500 yen).   

The onion rings, about ten or so, were fantastic!  No need for ketchup with these rings.  But because we were so hungry we devoured them before I remembered to take a picture.   Sorry about that.

Since Teddy's is currently a one-man operation, it took quite a while before our burgers came, but it was definitely worth the wait.  The hamburgers were great!  I cut off a piece of the meat patty to judge its quality, and it was delicious!  I wouldn’t have minded just a serving of meat patty.  The hamburgers came with a few fried potato wedges, which were salted to perfection. 

Teddy's Burger

However, there are a couple of things that if changed would make this place superb.  One is that the hamburger patty, though tasty, is rather small.  I’m not a big eater but the single patty hamburger was not enough to fill me up completely.  They used to offer an extra patty in their toppings menu, but I didn't notice it this time.  Another thing is that you have to order a drink with your meal.   My wife and I aren’t big on soft drinks and we often just drink water with our meals.  Having to order a beverage rubs me the wrong way just a bit.  Also, Teddy's Diner is not a smoke-free establishment, and since this is a small place it can be a bit bothersome if there are smokers present.

On the plus side Teddy’s menu lists a variety of burgers, hot dogs, shakes, and even tacos, as well as a wide range of alcoholic beverages.  If you're hungry and brave enough, check out the Mega Burger for 1980 yen!

A word of caution if you plan on visiting Teddy’s:  As we left, the owner told us that he's planning on moving to a location near the Kencho.   He doesn't know the exact date yet but he says the phone number should remain the same, so you may want to call ahead to find out if it’s still at the above address or not.  I will keep you updated as I find out more information. 
I'm adding Teddy's Diner to my Favorites list partly for nostalgic reasons.   I've shared some great food with great friends there over the years, and when I think of going to Teddy's it brings a smile to my face remembering those times.  If they were open for lunch, I would once again become the regular customer that I had been. 
If you happen to find yourself one evening hanging around Kokubuncho or the Disney Store and feel like a burger would be a great idea, head on down to Teddy’s.

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coming out crooked said...

Hi there, I'm a very picky vegetarian, new to Sendai. Have you come across any good vego options - sick of inari and noodles without the dashi! Would kill for a vegie burger...

Picky in Sendai said...

I know that Freshness Burger offers a veggie burger, or something to that effect, because my wife likes it.
Casa del Sol also offers some vegetarian platters, such as tomato & avocado tacos and quesadillas. And I think that Billy's also offer some veggie sandwiches, too.
I'll keep an eye out for more options. Thanks for reading the blog!

scottpie said...

It's been a while since this post was updated so maybe you're already aware but Teddy's did indeed relocate behind the Ward Office. I just ate there today (my third time) in fact. I can't get enough of the Miso burger, it's so delicious! Anyway, it's located here:

Picky in Sendai said...

Thanks, scottpie!
Yes, I've been extremely lazy and I should have updated this post a loooooong time ago, especially since I've been to the new Teddy's Diner quite a few times.
In fact, I was there last Friday for lunch.
Hopefully, I'll get around to updating this soon.
Thanks for reading!!!

Ps. I'm picky, so even though I like miso, I haven't tried the miso burger. Might just do that next time!

scottpie said...

You know, I just came across your site when searching for Teddy's business hours and am blown away by the amount of content you have on here, so I think "lazy" is one of the last things I'd call you. :P Seriously great resource you've got here, wish I'd found this months ago!

Picky in Sendai said...

Scottpie, thanks so much for your kind words!
I feel that I'm lazy because I have a backlog of notes and photos of restaurants that I've yet to publish.
I'm so glad that you find this website useful!
I'll try to catch up on my writing.
And thanks again for reading!
Please tell your friends and co-workers about this site!