Saturday, June 2, 2012

Current Info as of Saturday, June 2, 2012

Some quick news about current foodie events.  Baskin-Robbins 31 Ice Cream is running their Triple the Challenge campaign in which you can get a triple scoop of ice cream for the price of a double.  I believe that the small triple scoop is 400 yen while the regular size (which is supposed to be 1.5 times more ice cream) is 570 yen.  Add in a waffle cone for only 30 yen more.  I believe this campaign will run well into July, so no need to hustle over.
Today I tried their new Chocolate Oreo flavor and I think it will be my new “go-to” ice cream along with Rocky Road.  By the way, when I was a child my family referred to this ice cream shop as “31 Flavors,” but as a teenager my friends called it “Baskin-Robbins.”  What did you call it?  Seems like every Japanese person I’ve met refers to it as “31 Ice Cream.”

Another campaign that is currently running is Fujisaki Department Store’s Okinawa Fair, which I believe runs till June 5th.  Sure, every depato seems to run an Okinawa, Hokkaido, etc… fair every weekend, but the Okinawa Fair on the 7th floor of Fujisaki’s is quite extensive with samples of food (including マグロ), sake, and other tidbits!  Plus, I found one of my favorite desserts:  fritters!!!  Okay, that’s what I call them.  When I was a boy there was a local buffet style restaurant named Sir George’s.  I only ate there a few times but I still remember the wonderful taste of their sweet, corn fritters.  Well, there’s an Okinawan specialty called サーターアンダギー that’s almost exactly the same as what I remember at Sir George’s.   Actually, they are nothing more than fried, brown sugar doughnut balls, but I love’em!


Preparing マグロ(tuna) sashimi.  The sample was delicious!

And the big news … the Happy Happy Melon Pan Truck will return to Daiei NEXT WEEKEND, Friday, June 8th till Monday, June 11th!  I actually dropped the ball in March and missed them when they last came around, so I’ll definitely be making a trip downtown next weekend.  
Hope you enjoy these current finds!

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