Saturday, November 2, 2013

65th Tōhoku University Festival 第65回東北大学祭 022-795-7849

Access:  It’s roughly about a fifteen-minute bus ride from Sendai Station, but it would be best to look at the following website for the various bus routes.  Not far from the Sendai International Center.
Runs Saturday, November 2nd, 9 am till 7 pm, and Sunday, November 3rd, 9 am till 6 pm.
Sorry that this is a little late, considering that by the time you read this the first day of this festival has already past.  But at least you have Saturday and Sunday to head down to an interesting foodie event, as well as lots of entertainment.
My wife and I stumbled upon this event two years ago while out for a drive after lunch, and we were disappointed that we had eaten before finding so many interesting goodies at this festival.
On that day, I managed to make room for a Malaysian (actually, I forgot what country’s dish this was) crepe filled with a peanut paste that was quite delicious!  

Malaysian (?) Peanut Crepe (?)

And from a different food stand a small, yet delightful plate of baked apple slices!

Baked Apple Slices

But the campus was teeming with tents offering sooo many other tantalizing treats!  And so it seems that the tradition continues this year!
I counted 78 different food options available at this year’s festival!  Too numerous for me to go into detail.  But even a picky eater like me is sure to find something that would please my palate.
And the atmosphere of the festival was so 懐かしい, as the youth and exuberance of university life reminded me of hectic, yet fun-filled college days.  Damn, I’m getting old.
Go on an empty stomach with lots of change in your pocket and I’m sure you’ll enjoy a day full of fascinating flavors and engaging entertainment!