Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chuukaya Shokudou Chinese Restaurant 中嘉屋食堂 022-748-1215

Address:  仙台市太白区長町7丁目2015.  Located in The Mall Part 2 in Nagamachi-minami.  It’s on the 3rd floor next to the sushi restaurant and underneath MOVIX. 

Map:  Click the "Location" link below.

Open: Not sure, but I imagine anytime The Mall Part 2 is open, which is 10 am to 9 pm.

This restaurant has different locations including one on the 1st floor of Sendai Station, however, the one in Sendai Station isn’t very good in my opinion.  

I like the fried breaded chicken (ユリンチ定食 ) and the sweet and sour pork with veggies platters.  They've recently introduced a new menu with lots of meat dishes that also look good.  The set menu comes with entrée, rice, egg flower soup, macaroni salad (usually), and some type of tsukemono (which I don’t like).  I also like the chocolate ice cream there.  My wife likes the ramen though on this day she had the かた揚げ五目焼そば.       

Yurinchi Set Meal                

If you happen to see a movie at Movix that day, show the waitress your ticket stub.  They sometimes have a free drink or half price ice cream campaign.


We eat here quite often because it's always a safe bet that we'll be satisfied with our meal.  

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