Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spica Bread & Bagel - Rifu スピカ 022-356-0264


Address:  宮城県宮城郡利府町青葉台2-1-120.   Located … somewhere in Rifu?  Sorry about this, but I was driven to this neighborhood and then we walked through a residential area to get here, so I couldn’t find it again without looking up my own map that I posted below.
Map:  Scroll down below.
Open: Thursday thru Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.
Thanks to my friend, Tony, who introduced me to this very hidden slice of yumminess.  I’ve only visited once but I was quite impressed with what I devoured. 
This is a very small mom & pop operation (although the mom & pop are rather young) run out of their home.  Spica offers a wide variety of bread and bagel vittles, but the menu changes on a daily basis.  
On the lucky day I ventured in, the pickings were slim since I turned up after noontime and most of the baskets of baked goods were already bare.
I was starving so I opted for a bagel pizza (230 yen) with semi-dry tomatoes, herbs, and cheese, sprinkled with olive oil.  Did I forgot to mention that, picky me, I’m not crazy about bagels (nor cheese)?  But due to my aforementioned pickiness, this seemed to be the best option available.
Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised!  The bagel didn’t have the rock hard texture that I dislike about your average bagel, and the combination of the dry tomatoes, herbs, and olive oil was fantastic!  It was a bit messy, as I had to dodge the dripping (delectable) olive oil.

セミドライ トマト と チーズの ベーグル Pizza

I also savored a scrumptious cranberry scone (140 yen).  The dough was indeed very flaky and flavorful!  I can’t believe that supermarkets sell crappy, factory manufactured tasteless dough products for the same price.  I also forgot to mention that scones as a category would not top my list of favorite desserts, but this one was great!


According to their blog (address above), they hold events on the 4th floor of PARCO Department Store in downtown Sendai from time to time.  If you have an opportunity to venture to Rifu, I highly recommend Spica!

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