Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Update: July 15, 2012

Yesterday my wife and I went for another great lunch at Billy's.  I, of course went with my usual club sandwich with avocado topping and my wife went with the half sandwich with drink set.  She chose the potato pottage soup as her beverage.  I'm sorry, but I didn't take my camera so I don't have any photos, but my wife was raving about the pottage's taste.

Afterward, we sauntered over to Mitsubachi 38 Cafe for some delicious dessert pancakes.   Again we went with our usual, caramel pancakes for my wife and buttermilk with ice cream topping for me.  But I did notice one thing different on the menu.  They now offer a tempting stack of ten buttermilk pancakes for 1500 yen.  Oh, and the pancakes we ordered were top-notch!

For dinner we waltzed on over to one of our new favorite neighborhood eateries, Bistro Ampoule.  They'll be a new update about this splendid new find soon, but let me just say that our meal was simply marvelous!

For this evening's supper we found ourselves at an old standard, Cappriciosa.  But because we were just a bit hungry we decided against the Pair Set and went a la carte.   My wife ordered a small garlic and tomato sauce spaghetti (905 yen) and I asked for an order of garlic bread (134 yen) and a Cappriciosa pizza (1229 yen).  The Cappriciosa comes with salami, bacon, and onion, but I kindly requested for them to take out the onion.

First, came the garlic bread.  It was good, but not great.  But at 134 yen, I guess you can't go wrong.  We were quite surprised at how big the serving of spaghetti was.  It was so large that I was able to share in its good and garlicky taste.


My pizza was very good!  I imagined that it would be topped with the standard small slices of ペパロニサラミ, but to my surprise there were at least five 9 cm. in diameter slices of salami.  The whole pizza was good sized, about 28 cm. in diameter.   Because we weren't all that hungry, so I only managed to eat half of it and brought the remainder home.


I noticed a sign for their take-out pizzas at 1430 yen.  For this price, this is actually cheaper than a large Pizza Hut pizza, and better tasting.  This might be a good option for you if you happen to live near a Cappriciosa.

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