Friday, March 23, 2012

UPDATE: Bistro Boeuf d'Or ビストロブフドール

**Please check my previous post on Bistro Boeuf d'Or HERE for more information.

Yet another blue-ribbon brunch at the Bistro!  The "A" Lunch Set truly deserves an "A" grade.  This set included pork with a balsamic dressing, potatoes and veggies, salad, bread, dessert and coffee.  
The official name of this dish on the menu was written as 伊豆沼産霜ふり赤豚温野菜添え (1000 円).


They offered an appetizer for an additional 500 that was a shrimp and scallop mix, but picky me and seafood don't go well together so I took a pass.

The salad had fresh, crisp vegetables topped with a tangy Italian dressing.  The homemade bread serving was a slice of French bread and a slice of walnut bread and they were both delicious.

The crisp salad

I've never been a big fan of mashed potatoes and when I saw them on my plate I automatically gave a silent sigh.  But these were unlike any other yucky smashed potaters; these were delectable with a touch of sweetness to them.  Even the slice of kabocha was delightful.

The pork was tender and mouthwatering with the balsamic sauce adding the perfect touch!  The dessert was a flavorful serving of mango jelly.  Despite the fact that I don't like mango, I liked this jelly!  And to top it off, the coffee had a deep, rich flavor.

My wife ordered the 1500 "B" set that comprised of seasonal fish and grilled shrimp in a mango sauce.  Her set came with a gobou soup that wasn't bad, this coming from a picky eater who doesn't like gobou.  I actually thought, "I should've ordered this."
She was quite happy with her dessert, which was a light and fluffy chocolate eclair with yogurt. 

The ごぼうSoup

In summation, if you want something special, something succulent, something satisfying, head on over to the Bistro!

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