Sunday, October 13, 2013

みちのくYOSAKOI まつり Sendai

I know that this is a really late message, but if you get a chance tomorrow, Sunday, October 13th, head on down to the quad in front of City Hall for some scrumptious-looking food and some fun entertainment!
I have to add the disclaimer that I actually didn’t eat at the YOSAKOI festival today, because I ventured there after a great lunch at my favorite pizza place, amo la Pizza, so I don’t really know if the grub is good.  But, I was amazed at the variety of victuals the vendors offered!

I don't like fish, but this did look cool!

I don't like crab, either, but again, I never saw this in my hometown.

These looked really good!

As did these!

The food looks best at the 市役所前, but for entertainment value, head over to Kotodai-koen for the genki-er dance acts.
I saw some great routines today from a couple of university student groups and even a psuedo-AKB48 group from Tokyo.

Some graceful Japanese dances

And lots of passion!


There are also quite a few free, live concert performances planned for tomorrow on Ichibancho-dori.  I noticed a  couple of stages set up Hirose-dori and Jozen-ji dori.
These don’t appear to have any relationship with the YOSAKOI matsuri, but it is great timing.  
I hope you can enjoy downtown Sendai tomorrow!

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