Saturday, December 22, 2012

Royal Coffee Shop - Narita Airport


Location:  Narita Airport Terminal 4th Floor.

I'm writing this from Narita Airport where I had a terrible meal.  It was so awful that I left most of it on the table, something I don't ever remember doing at a restaurant.  But it was worth paying the 580 yen to not finish it.

I know airport restaurants usually don't receive Michelin ratings, but I didn't expect it to be this bad.
And I ordered something simple:  the Chicken Basket.
I didn't think it was possible to screw this up, but they did.
The fries were soggy, limp, and tasteless.
The chicken nuggets, though looking as if they were over-fried, were bland.
I only ate one of the two miniature onion rings and that was the lesser of the three evils.
And when I complained they merely came out with the standard, お申し訳ありません.

I don't come to the airport often, but I know I won't ever be returning here.

**UPDATED:  Here are the photos I wanted to post.

This they couldn't do

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Anonymous said...

I'm sitting right now at La Vista restaurant (term 2, 4 th floor) . I hate to sY it but I'm pretty picky but Spaghetti is not bad at all. Try next time.