Friday, March 16, 2012

Saint Marc Café Choco Cro サンマルクカフィ

Address:  There are two locations that I frequent.  One is on Clis Road kind of across from Daiei and McDonald's.  The other is on the 3rd floor of the LaLa Garden Shopping Mall in Nagamachi-minami.  A quick look at their website indicates one in Rifu, too.
Map:  Click the "Location" link below for the Clis Road store.
Open:  The Clis Road store opens at 7 am weekdays and 8 am weekends.  The LaLa Garden store opens at 10 am.  Both are open till 9 pm.
This chocolate croissant café is not to be confused with the Saint Marc Bakery/Restaurant that is on my Favorites list, although they belong to the same parent company.
My friend Anna introduced me to this café about six years ago when it was next to the Disney Store on Hirose-dori.   That shop closed down a while back but that’s when they opened up on Chuo-dori.   
Not much to say about this place other than the chocolate croissants are flaky and delicious!  And for only 170 円 it’s not a bad value.  Recently I’ve seen some new desserts on display that look pretty good but I just haven’t gotten around to trying them.  The coffee is just okay, but they do offer a drink stamp card that will get you a free coffee quite easily.

The LaLa Garden location has a separate enclosed smoking area as well as a small children’s play area where parents can let their kids can run amuck.  So if you’re a smoker with rugrats and have a sweet tooth, this might be the place for you!

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