Saturday, December 10, 2011

UPDATE: Happy Happy Melon Pan Truck

Location:  In front of Daiei on Chuo-dori.

Open:  Tomorrow, Sunday,  December 11th.  Hours are 10:30 am till about 7ish.  

Please read my earlier post for more info at:  

Butter Melon Pan

Today I (almost) got my fill of the melt-in-your-mouth Happy Happy melon pan!  I went twice.  First, just to get a melon pan to tide me over till lunch time.  Then I went back later in the day for another half dozen to enjoy at home.

Each time I had to wait in line behind eight or so people.  Today they were offering two types of pan.  They had the traditional なつかしのバターメロンパン,which I love, and also a melon pan with black sesame seeds on it.  I didn’t want to try it (I’m picky that way), but if you give that one a try please let me know how it is.  Tomorrow, instead of the sesame seed version, they’ll be offering a cocoa melon pan.


Their sign stated that they won’t be back until March of next year so get’em while they’re hot!

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