Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cappriciosa カプリチョーザ 022-304-2601


Margherita (their spelling) Pizza
Address:  Located on the 3rd floor of The Mall Part 2 in Nagamachi-minami.  You can take the subway to the Nagamachi-minami Station which is under The Mall.

Map:  Click “Location” link below.

Cappriciosa has always been a good, safe bet.  Is it the best Italian food that I’ve had?  No, not by a long shot.  But it’s good enough.  Sometimes it’s really, really good, but even on their off nights it’s not that bad.

Caesar Salad
We like the ペアセット for 3324 .  As the name suggests this is for two people to share, and for this price you get your choice of salad, pizza, spaghetti, beverage (which includes alcohol), and coffee or tea.  The servings are neither overly generous nor skimpy, but just enough to stuff your bellies.  There is also a ファミリーセット for 5124 which states that it can feed three to four people.

Meat Sauce Spaghetti

Like many restaurants in The Mall, Cappriciosa offers something for free if you show them a MOVIX ticket stub from that day.  I think it's a free drink, but I'm not sure.  They also have a stamp card, but it seems to take a while to receive a reward.  That being said, on our last visit we received a free gelato as a loyalty present.  Since I’m picky I asked what kind of gelato would be served.  They said the night’s special was orange sherbet, which I’m not crazy about.  The waitress, seeing my look of dissatisfaction, surprised me by asking if there was another flavor I’d prefer.  I said I was fond of chocolate, and voila, that’s what I got!  That’s good customer service!

There’s also a Cappriciosa on Chuo-dori that’s just as good.  If you happen to give either location a try, let me know if they are still playing Spanish music (I guess they can't tell the difference between Italian and Spanish).


Michael Jones said...

I never knew about the freebie offered when you present a ticket stub. I'll have to partake next time I go.
I was there last week and a former student was a waitress. She recognized me right away but it took me awhile to reciprocate.
The calzone is pretty good too.

Picky in Sendai said...

I think most restaurants in The Mall and The Mall Part 2 offer some type of MOVIX discount, be it free drink or free dessert. Too bad the neighboring LaLa Garden doesn't extend this service.

Abraham Lincoln said...

The number of restaurants open to soldiers in the early 1950s was limited to one or two and none of them offered western style hamburgers on a bun with onion,mustard and pickles. We could get a cheese pizza at the soldier club that was downtown and mostly for soldiers and their girlfriends. I liked the pizza and the Sapporo beer.

I will try to post more things about Japan when I was there 1953-1956. on my My Travels in Japan blog.

Picky in Sendai said...

Mr. Lincoln, I'm sure you'd be amazed at Sendai now. I look forward to your posts.